Adding new config options #

Vikunja uses viper to handle configuration options. It handles parsing all different configuration sources.

The configuration is done in sections. These are represented with a . in viper. Take a look at pkg/config/config.go to understand how these are set.

To add a new config option, you should add a default value to pkg/config/config.go. Default values should always enable the feature to work somehow, or turn it off completely if it always needs additional configuration.

Make sure to add the new config option to the config document and the default config file (config.yml.sample at the root of the repository) to make sure it is well documented.

If you’re using a computed value as a default, make sure to update the sample config file and debian post-install scripts to reflect that.

To get a configured option, use viper.Get("config.option"). Take a look at viper’s documentation to learn of the different ways available to get config options.