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What's new in Vikunja 0.19.0


There has been a new release with additional fixes and improvements. Updating is highly encouraged.
If Vikunja is useful to you, please consider buying me a coffee, sponsoring me on GitHub or buying a sticker pack. I'm also offering a hosted version of Vikunja if you want a hassle-free solution for yourself or your team.

I'm proud to announce Vikunja 0.19.0!

This release contains a whopping 2060 new changes in the frontend and 333 in the api. 511 of these commits were bug fixes.

Getting the new version #

As usual, just grab a new release from the downloads page or pull the latest docker container.

New to Vikunja? #

Vikunja is the open-source, self-hostable to-do app. It lets you organize all kinds of things, from your shopping list to a multi-month project with multiple team members. Different ways to view, filter and share your tasks make this a breeze.

Check out the features page to learn more about all of its features.

Vikunja Cloud is now available for teams #

Vikunja Cloud now finally makes it easy to sign up your the whole team and centrally manage billing. Check it out if you want an easy-to-use solution for Vikunja.

Now, without any further ads, on to this release's highlights!

Highlights #

Vue 3 #

The frontend is now uses vue 3. Even though you may not even notice it, this was by far the largest change and one reason why this release took so long compared to the last one. The migration makes the frontend more stable overall and future-proof for more changes.

A huge thanks to @dpschen for helping with the migration! It probably would still use vue 2 if not for you.

Mobile app #

A bit of progress has been made with the mobile app. Most notably, it can now send you reminders as push notification.

Huge shoutout to @Benimautner for stepping in and continuing to develop this.

Go over to the repo, grab a release and take it for a spin!

Dark mode #

Finally, dark mode! Now all of you night owls won't feel like a sun blaring in your face at night.

Vikunja in dark mode

Big thanks to @adrinux for helping with this!

New login and register pages #

The login and register pages have been reworked to look better and be more accessible. They also now allow you to configure which api server to connect to more easily.

New login page

Task reminders and overdue tasks overview now use the correct time zone #

In the user settings, you can now configure the time zone you are currently in. This is different from the service.timezone configuration option for the server.

Once configured, Vikunja will use this setting to send you email reminders at the time you set them up in your time zone. With this addition, email reminders now works a lot more intuitive than before.

CalDAV tokens #

You can now generate a CalDAV token which can be used instead of a password (in combination with your username).

For users authenticating with a third-party login, this is the only way to use CalDAV.

CalDAV token settings

Sentry integration for the frontend #

The frontend can now automatically send all errors to sentry. The exact endpoint can be specified and is disabled by default.

Checklist indicators #

Every time you add a checklist in the task description, it will now show a summary of it in the task overview and the task itself:

Checklist indicators in list view

A checklist looks like this:

* [ ] This is a checklist item
* [ ] This is another checklist item
* [x] This is a done checklist item

Move lists across namespaces #

You can now drag and drop a list across namespaces! (As long as you're allowed to create lists in the other namespace, that is)

This makes it very easy to change the namespace a list belongs to.

Date math for filters #

In the "Upcoming" view and all filter settings you can now use a special syntax to dynamically calculate a date. This allows for dynamic saved filters like "All tasks with a due date this week" without having to manually update them every week.

The expressions are similar to the ones provided by Grafana and Elasticsearch. They consist of special tokens for Day, Week, Month, etc. and let you add or subtract amounts relative each other.

For example:

  • now+24h: In 24 hours
  • now+30d: In 30 days
  • now/w+1w: The end of this week

Check out the examples and explanations in Vikunja and play with it!

Date range filter in the Upcoming view

Changes to quick add magic #

There are now two modes for the quick add magic feature: Vikunja and Todoist. The shortcuts and special keywords are different for the two, be sure to check out the docs.

The Vikunja mode is the default and now always enabled.

New interface languages #

Since the last release the frontend is now also available in czech, italian, dutch, polish, portuguese and vietnamese.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed translations!

Check out the docs to learn how to help with the translation and add your language.

Other notable changes #

  • Marble avatars: A new avatar type with a unique blurry red-orange picture for every user.
  • Rate limits for unauthenticated routes: Routes which do not require authentication are now also covered by the rate limit, if enabled and configured.
  • BlurHash for list backgrounds: When list backgrounds are loaded, they will first show a blurry preview of it, to bridge the time until the real background is fully loaded.
  • Data export: Users using a third-party auth provider can now properly use the data export. Previously they were required to enter a password which will not work with these types of accounts.
  • Scope in quick actions search: You can now use quick search magic keywords to filter the search results in quick actions.

Full change lists #

As usual, you can find the full changelogs in the respective frontend and api repos.

Closing words #

This release has been a long ride, partly due to the vue 3 migration but also because I've been busy with other projects. It's great having you as a user, so please tell me what you think of this release, either in the community forum, Twitter or email.