What's new in Vikunja 0.18.0

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I’m proud to announce Vikunja 0.18.0!

This release contains a whopping 303 new changes in the frontend and 146 in the api.

Getting the new version #

As usual, just grab a new release from the downloads page or pull the latest docker container.

Feedback survey #

I’ve prepared a short survey to allow me better understand the needs of you, the users. Please fill it out here to help me prioritize the next steps of Vikunja’s development.

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Highlights #

Quick Add Magic #

When creating a task, you can now directly add task attributes without having to edit the task again after creating it. You can set labels, a priority, assignees, a due date and the list where the task should be created. It even supports natural dates like “tomorrow” or “next monday” to set a due date!

Check out the information in Vikunja about how exactly this works.

Vikunja now supports something I call “Quick Actions”. It is an input field which allows you to create new tasks, lists, namespaces or search them. You can open it with the new search icon in the top left corner or with the ctrl-k keyboard shortcut.

It also supports Quick Add Magic to set task attributes.

The new improved home page

Creating tasks directly from the home page #

You can now create a new task directly from the home page without being on a list! To specify the list where the task will be created, you’ll need to set a default list in the settings or use Quick Add Magic (see below).

The new improved home page

More languages #

The interface is now available in more languages than just english. Right now, the other supported languages are German, French, Russian and Schwitzertütsch (don’t ask about the last one).

Check out the docs to learn how to help with the translation and add your language.

Reordering Tasks, Lists and Kanban Buckets #

You can now rearrange tasks in the list view, Lists in the menu (within a namespace) and Kanban Buckets in a list.

User Data Export and Import #

In the user settings, Vikunja now lets you export all of your Vikunja data as a zip archive. This includes everything you have access to, including shared lists.

Via a new migration, you can then import a previously made export again. This makes it perfect for migrating between Vikunja instances, for example from a hosted offering to self-hosted and vice-versa.

Security improvements #

Vikunja now does a few more things to help with account security:

Versioning of the :latest docker images #

Starting with this release, the latest tag of all docker images contains the last released version instead of the last build from the main branch. Additionally, there is now a new unstable tag which contains that version.

Other notable changes #

Full change lists #

As usual, you can find the full changelogs in the respective frontend and api repos.

And that’s all folks! Be sure to check out the community forum and let me know what you think.

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