Vikunja 0.19.1 is released

This release introuced a critical bug which will break your saved filters!
Please upgrade the api directly to 0.19.2.

This is a patch release with fixes in the frontend and api.

Code blocks and button styles in dark mode now work better and moving a list into another namespace if it was moved to the first position was fixed. Searching for assignees by username now works as expected. It also provides docker images for arm 32 (raspbery pi) and fixes a problem generating blur hashes for list backgrounds in certain formats.

This release also contains one breaking change: When filtering tasks for assignees the api now requires the username instead of the user id. This was nessecary to be able show the users with their name when re-opening a saved filter.

All saved filters with assignees are automatically migrated. As a user, you shouldn’t notice anything.

As usual, you can find the full changelogs in the respective frontend and api repos.

To get the upgrade, simply replace the frontend files and replace the api binary or pull the latest docker image. You can also check out the update docs for the frontend updating process.

Vikunja Cloud is here!

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