What's new in Vikunja 0.21.0

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There has been a new release with additional new features and improvments. Updating is highly encouraged.

I’m proud to announce Vikunja 0.21.0!

This release contains 756 changes in the frontend and 250 in the api. Most changes are improvements and fixes with one big breaking change.

Getting the new version #

As usual, just grab a new release from the downloads page or pull the latest docker container.

New to Vikunja? #

Vikunja is the open-source, self-hostable to-do app. It lets you organize all kinds of things, from your shopping list to a multi-month project with multiple team members. Different ways to view, filter and share your tasks make this a breeze.

Check out the features page to learn more about all of its features.

Highlights #

Lists and Namespaces are now Projects #

Since the beginning of Vikunja, it always had the concept of lists which hold a bunch of tasks and namespaces, which contain multiple lists. Originally, lists were just that: A simple list of multiple tasks.

Since then, lists have evolved significantly with support for gantt, kanban and more, representing no longer simple to-do lists but more and more complex projects. At the same time, namespaces felt like a big, bulky thing, a word used nowhere else than in programming contexts.

With this release, we rename lists to projects to make represent what they are actually used for and remove the concept of a namespace altogether. Organizing multiple projects hierarchically was an important feature though - that’s why projects are nestable for as many levels as you want, allowing for “subprojects” for the first time.

All of your existing namespaces will be converted to top-level projects containing the lists they previously contained.

Please note that importing a previous dump or export is not supported - please do a new dump instead of importing the old one.

Relative Reminders #

Relative Reminders

It is now possible to set reminders relative to a due, start or end date. These reminders will update automatically if you change any of the dates they are relative to.

This now works similar to the way relative reminders are implemented in CalDAV.

Thanks to @ce72 for contributing this feature!

Assignee Search

Searching for users to assign them to tasks was improved. You’ll now see a list of everyone with access to the project directly. Additionally, you can search freely within this list of people for their username. Previously, it was only possible to add people by their full username if they did not enable search for email or name in their settings.

Frontend Settings #

All settings which only affect the frontend (like dark mode or start of the week) are now saved with your user account and loaded when you log in again. This caused confusion previously as these settings were only saved in the browser, removing them when switching browsers or logging out.

Helm Chart #

We now have an official Helm Chart for deploying Vikunja in Kubernetes! Check the repo for instructions on how to use it.

Big thanks to Yurii Vlasov for doing the heavy lifting on this.

Closing #

This release does not really contain a lot of new features, but one long awaited breaking change and multiple improvements.

If all goes according to plan (you know how well estimates work in software development) the next release will be the even longer awaited 1.0!

Please tell me what you think of this release, either in the community forum, Twitter or email.

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