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[API] Vikunja 0.15.1 is released


This is a quick fix for a bug which prevented creating new tasks when metrics were enabled. As always, you can grab a release from the downloads page or docker hub .

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Vikunja 0.15.0 is released


Update: There has been a fix release for the api. Long time no release! This is again a rather big release (I feel like I’m writing that way too often). Getting the Upgrade As usual, just grab a new release from the downloads page or pull the latest docker container. Highlights Favorite Lists & Tasks You can now mark tasks and lists as favorite which lets them show up in special namespaces and lists for easier access!

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Vikunja 0.14.1 is released


This is a smaller bugfix release with some improvements for the api. As always, you can grab a release from the downloads page or docker hub. Fixed Fix creating lists with non ascii characters (#607) Fix decoding active users from redis Fix parsing todoist reminder dates Make sure the metrics map accesses only happen explicitly Changed Update docs theme

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Vikunja 0.14.0 is released


Update: There is a new bugfix release. This is (again?) a rather big release! A total of 111 api related and 99 frontend related changes have been merged and pushed since the last release. Thanks to leggettc18 for improving the docs about running Vikunja with Caddy. Highlights List Backgrounds You can now set beautiful list backgrounds directly from unsplash (requires configuration) or upload a custom one! With unsplash backgrounds, we’ve gone great lengths to make sure your privacy is preserved, all requests to the unsplash api go through the Vikunja api and are stripped of any useful information.

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Vikunja 0.13.0 is released


This is a big release! There were a total of 84 api related and 114 frontend related merged features and improvements since the last release. Thanks to Furai, jonastheis and funkythings for contributing to this release. Breaking All api field names are now snake_case. The frontend already reflects that. Highlights This release has a few highlights: Kanban ![](upload://ob2FFeVFOM1W0XecOiyG58HmtV2.png) You can now organize and prioritize your tasks in a kanban board - each card on a board represents a task.

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