How to add a cron job task

Cron jobs are tasks which run on a predefined schedule. Vikunja uses these through a light wrapper package around the excellent package.

The package exposes a cron.Schedule method with two arguments: The first one to define the schedule when the cron task should run, and the second one with the actual function to run at the schedule. You would then create a new function to register your the actual cron task in your package.

A basic function to register a cron task looks like this:

func RegisterSomeCronTask() {
	err := cron.Schedule("0 * * * *", func() {
		// Do something every hour

Call the register method in the FullInit() method of the init package to actually register it.

Schedule Syntax #

The cron syntax uses the same on you may know from unix systems.

It is described in detail here.

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