This document provides documentation about how to translate Vikunja.

Where to translate #

Translation happens at crowdin.

Currently, only the frontend (and by extension, the desktop app) is translatable.

Translation Instructions #

These are the instructions for translating Vikunja in another language. For information about how to add new translation strings, see below.

For all languages these translation guidelines should be applied when translating:

  • Use a less-formal style, as if you were talking to a friend.
  • If the source string contains characters like & or , the translated string should contain them as well.

More specific instructions for some languages can be found below.

Wrong translation strings #

If you encounter a wrong original translation string while translating, please don't correct it in the translation. Instead, translate it to reflect the original meaning in the translated string but add a comment under the source string to discuss potential changes.

Language-specific instructions #

How to add new translation strings #

All translation strings are stored in src/i18n/lang/. New strings should be added only in the en.json file. Strings in other languages will be synced through crowdin and should not be added directly as a PR/commit in the frontend repo.

Requesting a new language #

If you want to start translating Vikunja in a language not yet available in Vikunja, please request the language through the crowdin interface. If you have issues with this or need a discussion before doing so, please contact us or start a discussion in the forum.

Once at least 50% of all translation strings are translated and approved, they will be added and distributed with the Vikunja frontend for users to select and use Vikunja with them.