Using Typesense for enhanced search capabilities

Vikunja supports using Typesense for a better search experience. Typesense allows fast fulltext search including fuzzy matching support. It may return different results than what you'd get with a database-only search, but generally, the results are more relevant to what you're looking for.

This document explains how to set up and use Typesense with Vikunja.

Setup #

  1. First, install Typesense on your system. Refer to their documentation for specific instructions.
  2. Once Typesense is available on your system and reachable by Vikunja, add the relevant configuration keys to your Vikunja config. Check out the docs article about this.
  3. Index all tasks currently in Vikunja. To do that, run the vikunja index command with the api binary. This may take a while, depending on the size of your instance.
  4. Restart the api. From now on, all task changes will be automatically indexed in Typesense.
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