This document describes the different errors Vikunja can return.

Generic #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
0001403Generic forbidden error.

User #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
1001400A user with this username already exists.
1002400A user with this email address already exists.
1004400No username and password specified.
1005404The user does not exist.
1006400Could not get the user id.
1008412No password reset token provided.
1009412Invalid password reset token.
1010412Invalid email confirm token.
1011412Wrong username or password.
1012412Email address of the user not confirmed.
1013412New password is empty.
1014412Old password is empty.
1015412Totp is already enabled for this user.
1016412Totp is not enabled for this user.
1017412The provided Totp passcode is invalid.
1018412The provided user avatar provider type setting is invalid.
1019412No openid email address was provided.
1020412This user account is disabled.
1021412This account is managed by a third-party authentication provider.
1021412The username must not contain spaces.
1022412The custom scope set by the OIDC provider is malformed. Please make sure the openid provider sets the data correctly for your scope. Check especially to have set an oidcID.

Validation #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
2001400ID cannot be empty or 0.
2002400Some of the request data was invalid. The response contains an additional array with all invalid fields.

Project #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
3001404The project does not exist.
3004403The user needs to have read permissions on that project to perform that action.
3005400The project title cannot be empty.
3006404The project share does not exist.
3007400A project with this identifier already exists.
3008412The project is archived and can therefore only be accessed read only. This is also true for all tasks associated with this project.
3009412The project cannot belong to a dynamically generated parent project like "Favorites".
3010412This project cannot be a child of itself.
3011412This project cannot have a cyclic relationship to a parent project.
3012412This project cannot be deleted because a user has set it as their default project.
3013412This project cannot be archived because a user has set it as their default project.
3014404This project view does not exist.

Task #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
4001400The project task text cannot be empty.
4002404The project task does not exist.
4003403All bulk editing tasks must belong to the same project.
4004403Need at least one task when bulk editing tasks.
4005403The user does not have the right to see the task.
4006403The user tried to set a parent task as the task itself.
4007400The user tried to create a task relation with an invalid kind of relation.
4008409The user tried to create a task relation which already exists.
4009404The task relation does not exist.
4010400Cannot relate a task with itself.
4011404The task attachment does not exist.
4012400The task attachment is too large.
4013400The task sort param is invalid.
4014400The task sort order is invalid.
4015404The task comment does not exist.
4016400Invalid task field.
4017400Invalid task filter comparator.
4018400Invalid task filter concatinator.
4019400Invalid task filter value.
4020400The provided attachment does not belong to that task.
4021400This user is already assigned to that task.
4022400The task has a relative reminder which does not specify relative to what.
4023409Tried to create a task relation which would create a cycle.
4024400The provided filter expression is invalid.
4025400The reaction kind is invalid.
4026400You must provide a project view ID when sorting by position.

Team #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
6001400The team name cannot be empty.
6002404The team does not exist.
6004409The team already has access to that project.
6005409The user is already a member of that team.
6006400Cannot delete the last team member.
6007403The team does not have access to the project to perform that action.
6008400There are no teams found with that team name.
6009400There is no oidc team with that team name and oidcId.
6010400There are no oidc teams found for the user.

User Project Access #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
7002409The user already has access to that project.
7003403The user does not have access to that project.

Label #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
8001403This label already exists on that task.
8002404The label does not exist.
8003403The user does not have access to this label.
ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
9001403The right is invalid.

Kanban #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
10001404The bucket does not exist.
10002400The bucket does not belong to that project.
10003412You cannot remove the last bucket on a project.
10004412You cannot add the task to this bucket as it already exceeded the limit of tasks it can hold.
10005412There can be only one done bucket per project.

Saved Filters #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
11001404The saved filter does not exist.
11002412Saved filters are not available for link shares.

Subscriptions #

ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
12001412The subscription entity type is invalid.
12002412The user is already subscribed to the entity itself or a parent entity.
ErrorCodeHTTP Status CodeDescription
13001412This link share requires a password for authentication, but none was provided.
13002403The provided link share password is invalid.
13003400The provided link share token is invalid.