Add a new api endpoint/feature

Most of the api endpoints/features of Vikunja are using the common web handler. This is a library created by Vikunja in an effort to facilitate the creation of REST endpoints.

This works by abstracting the handling of CRUD-Requests, including rights check.

You can learn more about the web handler on the project's repo.

Helper for pagination #

Pagination limits can be calculated with a helper function, getLimitFromPageIndex(pageIndex) (only available in the models package) from any page number. It returns the limit (max-length) and offset parameters needed for SQL-Queries.

You can feed this function directly into xorm's Limit-Function like so:

projects := []*Project{}
err := x.Limit(getLimitFromPageIndex(pageIndex, itemsPerPage)).Find(&projects)

// TODO: Add a full example from start to finish, like a tutorial on how to create a new endpoint?