Releasing a new Vikunja version

This checklist is a collection of all steps usually involved when releasing a new version of Vikunja. Not all steps are necessary for every release.

  • Website update
    • New Features: If there are new features worth mentioning the feature page should be updated.
    • New Screenshots: If an overhaul of an existing feature happened so that it now looks different from the existing screenshot, a new one is required.
  • Generate changelogs (with git-cliff)
  • Tag a new version: Include the changelog for that version as the tag message
  • Release Highlights Blogpost
    • Include a section about Vikunja in general (totally fine to copy one from the earlier blog posts)
    • New Features & Improvements: Mention bigger features, potentially with screenshots. Things like refactoring are sometimes also worth mentioning.
  • Publish
    • Reddit
    • Twitter
    • Mastodon
    • Chat
    • Newsletter
    • Forum
    • If features in the release were sponsored, send an email to relevant stakeholders
  • Update Vikunja Cloud version and other instances