Development #

We use go modules to vendor libraries for Vikunja, so you’ll need at least go 1.11 to use these. If you don’t intend to add new dependencies, go 1.9 and above should be fine.

To contribute to Vikunja, fork the project and work on the master branch.

A lot of developing tasks are automated using a Magefile, so make sure to take a look at it.

Libraries #

We keep all libraries used for Vikunja around in the vendor/ folder to still be able to build the project even if some maintainers take their libraries down like it happened in the past.

Tests #

See testing.

Development using go modules #

If you’re able to use go modules, you can clone the project wherever you want to and work from there.

Development-setup without go modules #

Some internal packages are referenced using their respective package URL. This can become problematic. To “trick” the Go tool into thinking this is a clone from the official repository, download the source code into $GOPATH/ Fork the Vikunja repository, it should then be possible to switch the source directory on the command line.

cd $GOPATH/src/

To be able to create pull requests, the forked repository should be added as a remote to the Vikunja sources, otherwise changes can’t be pushed.

git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add origin<USERNAME>/api.git
git fetch --all --prune

This should provide a working development environment for Vikunja. Take a look at the Magefile to get an overview about the available tasks. The most common tasks should be mage test:unit which will start our test environment and mage build:build which will build a vikunja binary into the working directory. Writing test cases is not mandatory to contribute, but it is highly encouraged and helps developers sleep at night.

That’s it! You are ready to hack on Vikunja. Test changes, push them to the repository, and open a pull request.

Static assets #

Each Vikunja release contains all static assets directly compiled into the binary. To prevent this during development, use the dev tag when developing.

See the mage docs about how to compile with static assets for a release.