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Filter Syntax #

To filter tasks via the api, you can use a query syntax similar to SQL.

This document is about filtering via the api. To filter in Vikunja’s web ui, check out the help text below the filter query input.

Table of contents

Available fields #

The available fields for filtering include:

  • done: Whether the task is completed or not
  • priority: The priority level of the task (1-5)
  • percentDone: The percentage of completion for the task (0-100)
  • dueDate: The due date of the task
  • startDate: The start date of the task
  • endDate: The end date of the task
  • doneAt: The date and time when the task was completed
  • assignees: The assignees of the task
  • labels: The labels associated with the task
  • project: The project the task belongs to (only available for saved filters, not on a project level)

You can date math to set relative dates. Click on the date value in a query to find out more.

All strings must be either single-word or enclosed in " or '. This extends to date values like 2024-03-11.

Operators #

The available operators for filtering include:

  • !=: Not equal to
  • =: Equal to
  • >: Greater than
  • >=: Greater than or equal to
  • <: Less than
  • <=: Less than or equal to
  • like: Matches a pattern (using wildcard %)
  • in: Matches any value in a comma-seperated list of values

To combine multiple conditions, you can use the following logical operators:

  • &&: AND operator, matches if all conditions are true
  • ||: OR operator, matches if any of the conditions are true
  • ( and ): Parentheses for grouping conditions

Examples #

Here are some examples of filter queries:

  • priority = 4: Matches tasks with priority level 4
  • dueDate < now: Matches tasks with a due date in the past
  • done = false && priority >= 3: Matches undone tasks with priority level 3 or higher
  • assignees in [user1, user2]: Matches tasks assigned to either “user1” or “user2
  • (priority = 1 || priority = 2) && dueDate <= now: Matches tasks with priority level 1 or 2 and a due date in the past