Using Vikunja with n8n

Vikunja maintains a community node for n8n, allowing you to easily integrate Vikunja with all kinds of other tools and services.

Installation #

To install the node in your n8n installation:

  1. In your n8n instance, go to Settings > Community Nodes.
  2. Select Install.
  3. Enter n8n-nodes-vikunja as the npm Package Name
  4. Agree to the risks of using community nodes: select I understand the risks of installing unverified code from a public source.
  5. Select Install. n8n installs the node, and returns to the Community Nodes list in Settings.
  6. Vikunja actions and triggers are now available in n8n.

Official n8n docs about the installation

Authentication #

To authenticate your automation against Vikunja:

  1. In Vikunja, go to Settings > API Tokens and create a new token. Use all scopes for the kind of task you want to do.
    Note: If you want to use the webhook trigger node, the api token should have permissions to create, read and delete webhooks.
  2. Now in n8n, go to Credentials and then click on Add Credential.
  3. Search for Vikunja API and click Continue
  4. Enter the API key you created in step 1.
  5. Enter the API URL of your Vikunja instance, with /api/v1 suffix.
  6. When you now create a Vikunja node, select the created credentials.