Running Vikunja in a subdirectory

Running Vikunja in a subdirectory is not supported out of the box. However, you can still run it in a subdirectory but need to build the frontend yourself.

Frontend #

First, make sure you're able to build the frontend from source. Check the guide about building from source about that.

Dynamically set with build command #

Run the build with the VIKUNJA_FRONTEND_BASE variable specified.


Where SUBPATH is the subdirectory you want to run Vikunja on.

Set via .env.local #

  • Copy .env.local.example to .env.local
  • Uncomment VIKUNJA_FRONTEND_BASE and set /subpath/ to the desired path.

After saving, build Vikunja as normal.

pnpm run build

Once you have the frontend built, you can proceed to build the binary as outlined in building from source.


If you're not using a reverse proxy you're good to go. Simply configure the api url in the frontend as you normally would.

If you're using a reverse proxy you'll need to adjust the paths so that the api is available at /SUBPATH/api/v1. You can check if everything is working correctly by opening /SUBPATH/api/v1/info in a browser.